Frequently asked Questions

Teaching Dates

What are your Teaching Dates?

Our teaching dates align with the Grammar School teaching terms for NSW


Pricing Information

What are the lesson fees?

30 min lessons are $48

45 min lessons are $72

60 min lessons are $96

How do the monthly payments work?

At The Fleurys Music School, we teach 36 weeks of the year. (Terms are usually 10 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks, 8 weeks.)

A monthly fee is calculated by multiplying your lesson fee by 36 lessons, then divided by 12 months.

For example: 30 min lessons are $48 x 36 lessons divided by 12 months =  $144 per month.

This system allows students to start anytime, with 36 lessons being delivered over the course of the following 12 months. However, you are not locked into a whole year at a time; if you wish to discontinue, you may give one month paid notice.

The first month’s lesson fees must be paid prior to your first lesson.

How to make payments

We prefer you to organise a monthly automated payment with your bank as this is the most efficient method of payment to avoid late fees.

Any payment method must be made by your due date. For example, if you start lessons on the 18th of the month (at any point in the year), your payment date is always the 18th of each month.

We do not accept cash or cheque.

Late Payments

Late payments will be charged at a rate of $5 per day. If we spend time chasing payments, we will charge you for this time. We would much rather only be paid for our teaching which is why more than 3 late payments will result in us asking you to seek tuition elsewhere. Please set up an automated payment to avoid disappointment.

Can I have one lesson to try it out before I start?

Yes, it is a good idea to have one introductory lesson for 30 mins at a cost of $50


What if I miss a lesson?

It is not possible to re-schedule lessons that you cannot attend, as we have a full quota of students. Therefore, we advise you to attend all your lessons unless unwell.

Please be mindful that you are reserving a specific time slot for your regular lesson.

There are no refunds for missed lessons.

How much notice do I need to give if I wish to discontinue?

We require one month paid notice. Pro Rate does not apply – the last month of lessons must be paid in full on your due date with your notice. There is no such thing as “pausing” lessons.

If your schedule changes, we cannot guarantee an alternative spot. In the instance that we are unable to find a new time slot, one month paid notice would also apply.

Students must not come to their music lesson if they are ill or have not attended school or sport.

If your child has not attended school or not attended sport because they have not been well, or if you pick them up from school unwell, it is not reasonable to bring them to their music lesson.

Keep your child at home if they have any contagious illnesses.

Students will not be taught if they turn up unwell.

We would expect your consideration towards the health of your music teacher and other children in our program. Also take into consideration that your child will not learn successfully when unwell.  


We do not hand out your contact details to anyone, neither do we use images or recorded material, visual or audio, without your written permission.


Where do the lessons take place?

We have relocated and are currently teaching online only. 

Do I have to have my own instrument?

If you are learning the piano, you must have either a piano at home, or a weighted or touch sensitive keyboard. 

For other instruments we can help point you towards the right place to purchase. 

Am I expected to pay for my own sheet music?

Yes. There are strict laws regarding photocopying music to protect hard working and talented musicians who arrange music on our behalf. Be prepared to spend about $70 or $80 on sheet music and/or accessories like a music stand, or spike holder when you begin lessons.

Are there performing opportunities?


NB. During periods where covid numbers prevent live performances, we create a video concert. 

In non Covid times, students have the opportunity to perform in several concerts each year. The concerts are not compulsory but are warmly encouraged and we find even usually quite shy children love to play in the concerts. Performing gives even a new beginner great confidence and is a big part of learning an instrument. Our performances are fairly informal, but we kindly ask for the following from you, so that all parents and children involved can enjoy a positive experience:

1) We require you and all attending to be present 15 mins before the start of the concert.

2) We require you to be present for the whole concert (allow 1 hour but they are usually around 45 mins)

3) We require your quiet attention to our performers and to encourage siblings to be soft and listen too.

4) Most importantly: If you are running late for a concert, then we kindly request that you travel home rather than walk in late as it’s unfair to other students and parents.

Concerts work when we all listen to one another performing and provide an audience for all other students. 

How much practice should be done at home?

The best answer is: AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! We are not super strict when it comes to practice, as available times for practice vary from week to week and family to family. The more practice is done, the more improvement and the more the enjoyment. Children are unlikely to schedule their own practice. It takes parental involvement.

A minimum of 3 practices a week will mean your child continues to enjoy learning their instrument. This will require scheduling of their practice by you. Depending on the age of your child, it may also require supervision. 

Practising helps set children up for success and creates confidence as well as enjoyable learning and performing experiences.

Are there opportunities to play in groups?

In January, April and September we run ensembles during the school holiday period as short intensive bursts of group playing, and sometimes extra sessions are added during term time. 

On occasion, we offer some external group performance opportunities at places like nursing homes and other facilities in the community. 

Can myself or my child be entered for AMEB exams?

We frequently enter children for AMEB exams. AMEB exams require continuous regular practice.

We also hold our own in-house exams annually with highly respected musicians and teachers we invite from Sydney and Interstate. These are a useful practice run for an AMEB exam, but also an excellent alternative. (See below)

Do you hold in-house assessments?

We do! Currently they run once a year and are extremely popular. They attract many students from Sydney to Newcastle to take part in this positive and beneficial experience for all ages.

Do you teach adults?


We teach all ages – adults are always welcome.
We coach professionals and nurture adult beginners also.

We hold groups workshops at various points in the year which is a valuable opportunity to play in a group.

Can I learn music theory/musicianship with you?

Sure can. Either for your own interest, in conjunction with your instrumental lesson to pass your AMEB Musicianship Exams.