Piano playing, note reading, learning rhythms and songs with a CD to play and sing along with are the main features of our ‘Young Piano and Musicianship’ program, which is taught as one-to-one lessons and is great for:  

1)   Small children who want to start learning the piano.

2)   Children who may like an introduction to music before they start learning a string or woodwind instrument. 

3)   Introducing young children to the concept of the one–to-one instrumental lesson. 

4)   A transition program for Maestro Possum graduates into learning a string or woodwind instrument, learning the fundamentals first.     

Using books, CDs and flashcards especially designed for this age group, your little one can start to learn how to read rhythms and notes, play tunes on the piano and eventually start to co-ordinate playing with both hands. 

Dexterity builds gradually and all students progress at their own pace with performance opportunities available once student, teacher and parent feel ready.   

The method we use has backing tracks available which can assist with rhythmic stability but also make a beginner feel like they are playing more than just a solo line with one hand.   

There are also songs, some movement and percussion involved in this method which makes it especially attractive if you have graduated from our Maestro Possums program as it’s a program that follows on perfectly from the Kindermusik curricula. 

After first year of Young Piano and Musicianship:

1)  Continue! The below options are still available to you at any point.

2)  Begin a string instrument (the violin or the cello)

3)  From age 5, recorder is available and is an excellent precursor to the Saxophone, Clarinet or Flute.

4) From age 5, the Junior Flute is available (a short flute with a curved head joint) before graduating to a regular sized flute around age 7 or 8.

5)  Around age 8, you have the option to begin the clarinet or the saxophone. A good indication of whether your child is ready is once they have grown most of their new front teeth.

Please carefully refer to our extensive FAQ page for fees, queries, terms and conditions