For Beginner to Advanced: Age 5+  

The flute has a bright and clear tone and people often find the warmth of this instrument hypnotic. It can be found in an orchestra or a wind band, often playing a high melody soaring over the top of other instruments.


An appropriate age to start on the flute can be around age 5 on a short “junior” flute especially designed for small children.  

Children who have attended our Young Piano and Musicianship program may have a rhythmic, dexterous and musical advantage to start learning the flute at age 5. So if your child hasn’t attended this program, and you find that jumping straight into learning the flute feels sudden or too early for your young child, then we recommend a year or two of our YOUNG PIANO AND MUSICIANSHIP lessons or starting on the RECORDER first.  

Age 7+ can start on a regular sized instrument (depending on the size of the child)  


More experienced players may be keen to gain more confidence in their school band or might be working towards a higher level AMEB exam or an HSC performance.  

Flute students will learn how to make a beautiful sound, read with ease, and learn tricks and practice tools to develop and progress at their own pace.

JP (Jean-Philippe Fleury) is a highly respected instrumental teacher and performer. He draws on various musical methodologies including Kodaly and Suzuki to assist note reading, ear development and technique, and sources Australian written books to educate and inspire his students. JP’s background in jazz means that he is also accomplished in teaching alternative styles of playing in addition to classical, including improvisation.  

There are opportunities to perform in concerts, play in small groups and prepare for in house assessments and exams if desired.  

JP toured the world for many years performing on the saxophone, flute and clarinet for all manner of artists from classical to jazz to musicals. His studied with Mark Promane and Alex Dean at Humber College in Toronto.

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