The cello has a sound close to the human voice that makes hearts melt. To play the cello, it sits in a hugging position which can often make it feel as though it’s a friend.   

It’s possible to learn the cello from age 4+ and if your little one has their heart set on learning the cello, then we try not to stop them! Children who have attended our Pre-School music program, Maestro Possums, often have a rhythmic, dexterous and musical advantage. So if your child hasn’t attended pre-school music classes, and you find that jumping straight into learning the cello feels sudden or too early, then we recommend a year or two of our YOUNG PIANO AND MUSICIANSHIP program for age 4-6 first.  

Sally Maer, cellist, is an accomplished solo recording artist for ABC Classics and is also a highly trained string specialist. If you choose to learn the cello, Sally can take your child the whole way from their first note to becoming a professional.

Drawing on materials from a number of different methodologies, Sally Maer’s string teaching makes her one of the most sought after string teachers in Australia. 

During her time studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London as an undergraduate where she won an honours degree, she also completed a diploma in teaching. Using a mixture of Nelson, Suzuki and Kodaly materials to develop all aspects of learning music – reading, hearing and playing techniques, Sally’s string method is not written or taught anywhere else in the country. It is a culmination of her training both as a child learning from Wendy Max and Sheila Nelson, the two most revered string teachers for children in the UK, as well as her coaching as a young adult student from Wendy Max (cello) and Cecily Mendelssohn (violin) during her time studying the Art of Teaching at the Royal Academy.   

Sally has now gained over 20 years of experience of string teaching in both in London and across Australia at every level from young beginner to adult professional.

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