For Beginner to Advanced Age 8+  

For younger musicians, RECORDER is an excellent pre-curser to the saxophone, or consider trying our YOUNG PIANO AND MUSICIANSHIP program.

The saxophone is extremely popular and is something of a chameleon as it slips into many musical styles. For example, the Pink Panther theme is played on the saxophone but you’ll also find the saxophone as the lead instrument of a jazz quartet. JP Fleury, your saxophone teacher, has performed rock music with Emmanuelle Caplette but has also recorded for a classical ABC Classics album.  

Children can start learning the saxophone as soon as their front adult teeth are fully grown, usually around age 8. It is also dependent on their overall height and size.

Your child will be taught the skills they need to make that warm and rich tone that the saxophone is loved for. They will gain the confidence to play in a solo or group setting at all levels.

For BEGINNERS, JP draws on various publications by Australian writers to develop the skills required to make a solid start with basic technique, note reading and ear development.  

More INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED players can benefit more from publications by Fischer, Klose and Ferling for a deeper technique and understanding of tone production. JP often creates his own arrangements to educate and inspire his students as well as drawing on the music of Bob Mintzer for more funk and jazz style playing. JP’s background in jazz means that he is also accomplished in teaching alternative styles of playing in addition to classical, including improvisation.  

Your child will have opportunities to perform in concerts, play in small groups and prepare for in house assessments and exams if desired.  

JP is a highly respected instrumental teacher and performer and had many years of touring the world performing on the saxophone, flute and clarinet for all manner of artists from classical to jazz to musicals. His studied with Mark Promane and Alex Dean at Humber College in Toronto.

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